London Fashion Week Mens 2017

Backstage Photography

I decided this year, not do runway. I have no problem with runway, I have no problem being in the pits with the dozen photographers competing and yelling at each other for the best shots.

I just thought I'll pass this time and save myself the headache, along with the neck pain that is runway photography. 

Instead I took it upon myself with the help of magazines & pr agencies of course to capture backstage images for various different fashion designers at this years,  London Fashion Week Mens.  

D. GNAK was my favorite hands down. 

"D.GNAK is the menswear label of Korean designer Kang Dong Jun. Born in Seoul, Kang trained at New York’s Parson’s School of Design and launched D.GNAK with a debut show at 2008 F/W Seoul Fashion Week"

 "The brand’s defining characteristic is tailored clothing with twisted details; clothing that is achromatic in colour and innovative in silhouette. The name D.GNAK is formed from the mirrored reflection of Kang’s name. It expresses his fascination with disruption, eclecticism and experimentation.

In that vein, D.GNAK is a label that reveals and conceals at the same time, inviting engagement with the wearer while retaining a level of mystique. Kang’s vision for D.GNAK is popular avant-garde - a brand that stands at the intersection of the underground and the mainstream; the inventiveness of directional fashion delivered to the wider men’s market without compromise in quality or cut"

So I wanted to capture the brands essence. And keep true to the clothing and style that is DGNAK. 


Instead of bringing my 800E NIKON, I brought my trusty NIKON F5 with a 24-70mm 2.8 ED series ZOOM.  

For those that know about photography you might be thinking... WTF?!  "You're shooting backstage images on film" "Are you mad?" 

The answer is no.. "I'm not mad... Maybe a little" I really wanted to test my exposure skills.

I went to the Kodak lab in Clerkenwell and got myself some KODAK 800 portra film and put that sucker to the test.

I pushed the 800 to 1600 ISO... followed up by a stand development of 4 hours... 

I prayed and prayed the images didn't come up super grainy. I wanted a very contrast look to it, slightly over exposed -

A sort of Korean film noir/ crime thriller was the vibe I intend. 

I was incredibly happy with the images, and so was my editor at FGUK magazine. 

I of course cleaned up the grain on lightroom and re- added them back again...

I really wanted to put my skills to the test..

I will always recommend to use digital for assignments... especially for fashion week.  Editors want the images right away.  

I had a 24 hour window... which is rare... so I had time to develop.  

more images below ...